Are you a new member of the RFA? Here are all the tools you need to plan a party!
Introduction 01

1. Messenger

This is where the secret conversation occurs.

• Every day, more than 10 chatrooms open up. New chatrooms usually open after 1-2 hours.

• If you miss a chat session, the conversation still occurs without you. After that, you can read the conversation but will not be able to interact with the characters during that time.

• If you want to participate in a missed chat session you have press the button beside the chatroom button and use five hourglasses

• You can choose to purchase the next day's conversations at varying hourglass amounts.

• If you want to a list of chatroom timings then visit this page:

Introduction 02

2. Phone calls

Your app has all the other member's phone numbers stored by default.

• You can call other RFA members although they only pickup at a certain time and five hourglasses will be deducted from you.

• If you have missed calls, you can call them back. But in doing so, five hourglasses will be spent.

• Colored arrows:

• Green symbolizes a call you were able to receive you when they rung you at the time.

• Orange symbolizes a call you made to the character.

• Red symbolizes a missed call.

• You can replay the call if you want. This will not consume additional hourglasses.

• Call cards are also available for purchase with real currency.

• If you want a list of phone call timings then visit this page:

Introduction 03

3. Message

You can send or receive text messages.

• The content changes depending on the messenger conversation.

• Depending on the responses available, you can gain hearts for the character who sent you the message, the character whose route you are on, or even someone else!

• You can only reply to the message during the time period when you get them. If you fail to reply before a new message is received, you will not be able to answer the message.

Introduction 04

4. Album

A collection of the images you have seen during the chatrooms.

• You can zoom in or download the image to your phone.

• If you want to see the complete list of cgs or want to know how to get them visit this page:

Introduction 05

5. E-mail

You can send or receive an email for party planning.

• Keep good relationships with the party guests!

• The envelop icon with green arrow means you answered correctly, while icon with orange arrow means you answered incorrectly.

• Some invited guests take days to reply so be patient.

• If you send emails too late, you won't be able to get a reply. So hurry!

• The ending that you'll get on day 11 is based on the number of guests that will attend. If 10 and above guests will show up then you'll get good ending, while 9 and below you'll get normal ending.

• If you want a list of email answers then visit this page:

Introduction 06

6. Hearts

  • Each option either gives you 1-2 hearts*, a heart break or nothing. There are 5 hearts with different colors and they represent each of the following characters:
    • Jumin = Lavender Hearts
    • Zen = Gray Hearts
    • 707 = Red Hearts
    • Yoosung = Green Hearts
    • Jaehee = Yellow Hearts
    •  ??? = White Hearts (still unknown)
  • After pressing caution on the fourth day, the highest number of hearts will be your route starting on day 5**
  • Starting from day 5, getting hearts doesn't mean you'll get good ending. Some options give hearts but lead you to bad ending.

*although there is an option in Jumin's route where you can get more than 2 hearts

**You can only get the routes for Zen, Yoosung, and Jaehee in Casual Story; and 707 and Jumin in Deep Story. So even if you got more red (707) hearts than the rest in Casual Story, you won't be able to get his route and end up in a bad ending.

7. Game Branch

  • After the last chatroom on the fourth day there is a caution button below. It branches the game whether you'll get a route or a bad ending.
  • After successfully having a route there are still 3 more following cautions and those cautions appear on different days depending on whose route you're in. This time, after pressing the caution you will either proceed the day, get bad story ending, or bad relationship ending.
Plot branch flow chart


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