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Characters of the "Mystic Messenger" mobile otome game by Cheritz.

Rika's Fundraising Association (RFA)

Casual Story

Zen home
Jaehee -1-
Zen , the musical actor and narcissist. Yoosung , the gamer and ordinary college student Jaehee Kang , the assistant and consequent one.

Deep Story

Jumin home 707 home
Jumin Han, the cat-lover and rich man. 707, the hacker and troller.

Other Members

MC VChar RikaChar
MC, the character you play as. V, the photographer. Rika, founder of the RFA and V's girlfriend.


Unknown Echo Sarah Choi
Unknown, the mysterious man that introduces the RFA to the MC. Echo Girl, the spoiled and flirty idol. Sarah Choi, Jumin's arranged fiancée.
Screenshot 2016-09-19-23-49-06-1 Vanderwood
Mr Chairman 1
Glam Choi, sister of Sarah, ex of Jumin's father Vanderwood, secret agent and Seven's "maid". Chairman Han, Founder of C&R International and Jumin Han's father.
Yoosung's Mother the woman who raised Yoosung Mother Choi, 707 and Unknown's abusive mother Driver Kim, Jumin's chauffeur.
Common 12 Sally render Elizabeth3rdChar
Lisa, Yoosung's cat Sally, Rika's deceased dog Elizabeth 3rd, Jumin's cat.

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