Hourglasses (shortened as HG) are considered the in-game currency of Mystic Messenger that the player can acquire either for free in-game or through in-game purchasing. While they are not necessary to progress, as you can go through the Casual Story perfectly fine without them, they can be very helpful. However, they are necessary to unlock the Deep Story and After Endings of the characters.


  • Unlocking story-related content.
    80HG for Deep Story, 20HG for each After Ending, 10HG for each Episode in Secret Endings
    See also: Deep Story, After Endings, Secret Ending.
  • Unlocking missed chatrooms (5HG each).
  • Unlocking access to 24 hours' worth of chatrooms
    20HG for day 1, 30HG for day 2-4, and 50HG for day 5-11
  • Purchasing another save slot. (50HG each)
  • Calling the characters at any point in the game. (5HG)
    See also: Phone Calls
  • Buying the Christmas DLC (100 HG)
  • Unlocking characters Valentine's after ending (20 HG each)
  • Load a save file (5HG)
  • Buy the April Fools DLC (60 HG)

How to Obtain

  • Purchasing with real currency.
  • Exchanging 100 hearts for 1HG.
  • In random chatrooms, participated or not. Although there's a low % of getting HG when you don't participate. It is worth noting that some chatrooms have a higher chance to obtain HG than the others.
  • Purchasing the VIP Package (1000 HG).
  • Reading the stories of the guests that have attended your party. (1HG per guest, only at first read).
  • Update wait-time compensation (10 is the standard erd, though amount may vary)
  • Reporting a glitch (Amount Varies)

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