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Route Tips

Tips to getting her route:

(Note: Some tips can be applied to other days)

  • Cheer and support her
  • Fangirling over Zen is ok, but don't flirt or obsess over him else you'll get gray hearts or yellow heartbreaks
  • Stand up for her against Jumin.
  • Get alot of hearts from her and try to avoid getting hearts from others especially from Zen and Yoosung

Tips to avoid bad endings:

(Note: Some tips can be applied to other days)

Bad Story Ending 1 (day 5-6):

  • Don't force her to work and go on a date
  • Cheer and support her
  • You can fangirl but don't flirt and be obssesed with Zen
  • She should be the one who will visit Zen not you
  • Don't invite longcat and genfanclub (It won't lead to bad ending but it will give you yellow heartbreaks)

Bad Story Ending 2: (day 6-8)

  • Don't force her to go back to work
  • Stand up for her against Jumin
  • Make her pursue her passion

Bad Story Ending 3 (day 8-10) 

  • Same tips from above
  • Don't say things about wanting to be the new assistant for Jumin or how much you wanted to work for him

Bad Relationship Ending 1&2 (day 7 and 10) 

  • Have at least 30% per day

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