If you haven't played Mystic Messenger completely, you might read something that will reveal to you the complete story of the game. So please pay attention!

If only we can continue Rika and V's aspirations

—Jumin Han, Comment from RFA Orientation Guidebook


Jumin Han is one of the Deep Story characters available in Mystic Messenger. He is the son of a wealthy family and the heir of the C&R International company. He is always on business trips and only talks about work or mature topics, which is why he doesn't know about youth slang or commoner food. Jumin loves to talk about his cat, Elizabeth 3rd, and how beautiful she is. However, no matter how wealthy he may be, he hates gold-diggers and the girlfriends of his father.


Jumin is a quiet, serious and cautious man who prefers to act mature. Despite this, he is interested in young slang and loves to talk about cats, especially his own, Elizabeth 3rd. In fact, in his own way, his general cadence will give off that of a child's. He also enjoys teasing Zen about his cat allergy in the chat room. He is often surrounded by rumors concerning his sexuality because of his complete lack of interest in women, leading the press and other members of the RFA to tease him for possibly being gay. He views situations objectively, and wants others to be like him. He is a workaholic, which is shown through how he works Jaehee Kang to the bone and is often until night at the office. Jumin disregards others' opinions of him, so he lives his life how he thinks is right.

Jumin does not care for relationships because he thinks it isn't worth it, preferring to focus on his work and cat instead. This gives him the impression to others of a cold man or even a robot. He also keeps his work relationships strictly professional, believing that his employees will do anything as long as they are paid to. As Jumin has a high status, he lives luxuriously, but he hates people that only like him for his money. Jumin has his own sense of humor which the most RFA members do not understand, and at most times, isn't very funny but he doesn't care. Despite of his cold and objective perspective, Jumin treasures the members of RFA so much that when needed, he would use his authority to help them without hesitation.



Jumin's normal ending clothes.

Jumin is a tall, young man with a slim body. He is 184 cm (6' 0") tall and he weighs 78 kg (171.9 pounds). He has messy black hair that has a slight brown hue in some pictures. He has the same hairstyle that you would typically see an ahoge have. He has sharp grey eyes. He also has a very pale complexion. He is often seen wearing his formal suit even when he is in his penthouse. It consists of a striped long white shirt, a black vest, jacket, tie, pants and shoes. On his right chest on the suit is a little pocket with a violet handkerchief.

In the Normal Ending, Jumin is seen wearing his casual attire which consists of a long white shirt covered by a tan sweater, an open dark blue jacket and long black pants which he used to wear when he was the Director of C&R.

In the After Ending, Jumin is seen with slicked back hair (With a slight greyish streak) and his usual attire with his jacket unbuttoned. But the tie is dark red and not black as always, Jumin wears sunglasses too.

At the party, Jumin is seen wearing a formal suit, which is more dark blue. He is wearing a white long shirt and white gloves.


Jumin grew up in luxury. He is one of the current directors of C&R, a massive conglomerate that appears to have businesses in multiple areas (from wine that cats can drink to coffee shops), although it is said in one of the chats that they are currently attempting to expand globally. Due to his very privileged upbringing, Jumin has a very different perspective on the world, which often brings him into direct conflict with Zen. Regardless, he doesn't particularly seem to care what others think about him. He works hard as a member of the RFA and as a Director of C&R, even to the point that Jaehee admits that Jumin works harder than she does.

Jumin also has a very positive relationship with his father, Chairman Han, with the two often exchanging expensive gifts. However, Chairman Han is a womanizer, and as a child Jumin was subjected to a revolving door of women in his life. Chairman Han divorced his mother and remarried his step-mother, who he is now separated from. At the start of the game, Chairman Han has just entered into a relationship with Glam Choi, and has announced his plans to divorce his second wife and remarry for a third time. Jumin is skeptical of Glam's intentions; due to his aloof and logical nature, Jumin was able to see that the women in his father's life were simply using him for his vast wealth. He also fears for the fate of the company, as his father's womanizing ways could cause their stocks to plummet. As such, Jumin has developed a natural distrust for women.

In Deep Story, Jumin mentions that he is Christian, as he grew up in a Christian neighborhood. Despite this, in Jaehee's route, Jumin is stated to not believe in god.

Deep Story

At the start of his route, Chairman Han has declared his intentions to marry Glam Choi, and wishes to arrange a marriage between Jumin and Glam's student, Sarah.

Throughout this route, Jumin will struggle significantly with his emotions and thoughts. Having never truly experienced a relationship, and having suppressed his feelings for the sake of efficiency, his sudden interest in the protagonist sends him into a tailspin.

With Sarah doing whatever she could to win Jumin's affections, as well as Zen's premonition, Jumin becomes exceedingly paranoid, afraid that she and Glam will kidnap his beloved cat, Elizabeth 3rd. This leads to Jumin locking his pet in a large cage. Seven originally suggests the protagonist visit him because of his inability to work after becoming paranoid about Elizabeth 3rd's well-being and Jaehee arranges for the protagonist to be sent to his penthouse.

When the protagonist is put in danger by the appearance of the mysterious hacker, Jumin has her live with him in his suite. However, her visit soon becomes more like a prison sentence as Jumin forbids her from leaving his apartment for her own safety.

His paranoia is only aggravated after Elizabeth 3rd manages to escape and disappear. Jumin comes to the conclusion that he was really just projecting his unrequited feelings for Rika onto Elizabeth 3rd, and with his cat's disappearance he can now direct his efforts to something else. He expresses affection towards the protagonist, but so many emotions jumbled up inside him, that he ended up seemingly obsessive. He plans on keeping her with him until the hacker issue and Glam Choi's scheme has been resolved, to ensure her safety.



Jumin and Jaehee have a professional relationship, although a bit strained. Jumin does not hesitate to often say blunt, and rather hurtful things to Jaehee, such as stating he's tired of hearing her voice, and straight out saying he doesn't care about her health or well being. She is also the one tasked to watch over Elizabeth 3rd when Jumin is out of the country, much to Jaehee's displeasure. Jaehee does show a bit of respect to Jumin regardless, whether or not this is voluntary or her forcing herself to be respectful for the sake of her job is up for debate. Jumin tells Jaehee to do many things that go beyond her role as an assistant (leading a presentation, looking over Jumin's cat, etc.) Jumin has a deep trust in Jaehee. The two know a lot about each other due to being side by side for many hours of the day.


Zen says he hates Jumin, whom he often refers to as "Mr. Trust Fund Kid". Jumin takes great pleasure in teasing and making snide remarks about Zen, much to his annoyance. Most of the hatred seems to stem from Jumin's luxurious lifestyle, and cats, specifically Elizabeth 3rd, Jumin's cat, and of which Zen cannot stand to hear about or even see a photo who, due to his severe allergy to cat hair, going so far as to go into a sneezing fit off of one picture.


V talks about Jumin when they were in elementary

Jumin and V are childhood friends, having grown up in the same neighborhood. V was also the one who gave and named Jumin's prized cat, Elizabeth 3rd. Jumin respects and trusts V immensely, as evidenced by his willingness to treat the MC as a fellow RFA member off V's trust alone. This trust is also shown by his reactions during the end of 707's route, after V announced his departure of the RFA and went into hiding. Jumin was the only RFA member to still trust and believe in V, despite everyone else distrusting V as a result of V refusing to reveal his secrets.


He's distant with Yoosung, but is willing to help him (perhaps on account that Rika and V were/are both fond of Yoosung). He previously offered Yoosung an internship at his company, and has stated he will not withdraw his offer, even after Yoosung neglected his studies.



707 caught in CCTV playing with Elizabeth

He does not interact with 707 much, but appears to acknowledge his skills. He also tries to find ways and means to avoid 707 from coming to his penthouse or giving Elizabeth 3rd to him, fearing that 707 might abuse Elizabeth 3rd in some way.


Jumin seems to have respect and trust for Rika, showing surprise after hearing that Rika ordered Seven to implant a bomb in her apartment. He feels that Rika can see his true self when she looks at him. It also seems that Jumin's feelings for Rika ran a bit deeper than friendship, as throughout his route he constantly states that Rika was never supposed to be his.

Chairman Han

His father, whom he shares a mutual relationship with. Jumin has stated that he hates his father's womanizing ways and women he dates, but still loves father.


He found Lisa and saved her from his gardener, who was trying to chase her away, and brought her inside. He states to the RFA members he's not keeping her, and attempts to give her to the other members. It's revealed in Yoosung's after ending he convinced Yoosung to keep her.

Elizabeth 3rd

Jumin loves Elizabeth 3rd and doesn't want Seven near her. He always tends to talk about her, no matter who's listening. Jumin spoils the cat and loves her very much. He never leaves her alone, which tends to irritate her, though she loves her owner.

The spaceship reveals

Day 1

  • "The pen is slanted by 1cm."
  • "White hair… hovering in the air."

Common Route 01 - Casual Story

  • "Everything seems to be off by 1 degree today. Quite annoying…"
  • "Ninja cat…? Interesting."
  • "I would like to develop a cube folder that accentuates the beauty of the perpendicular."
  • "I must refrain from using fine litter for Elizabeth 3rd’s pink jellybeans."
  • "I once wore overalls when I was little."
  • "I would like to see the ocean cat."

Common Route 02 - Deep Story

  • "Time for meditation… Whew."
  • "Tailored suits are preferable, but sizing is quite annoying."
  • "Will a tiger be similar to Elizabeth 3rd? I can’t say as I’ve never had a tiger."
  • "I must re-examine the performance report for the first quarter."
  • "The grill marks on this steak is consistent. Where is the chef from again?"
  • "Time to select new upcoming artists to support. I hope father doesn’t get too angry."

Zen's Route

  • "Driver Kim did very well. I must give him a bonus."
  • "One must be cautious of the information acquired through social media."
  • "I think even cats can manage to putt."
  • "Bow ties aren’t my taste. I only wore it when I was little."
  • "Bathing in money, that’d never even occurred to me. Commoners can be so creative."
  • "The echo was saying something… Was it not an echo?"
  • "People frequently ask me if I plan to run for office, but… I’ve never thought about it."
  • "Why don’t we build an underground sauna in the building for the employees."
  • "How much would I need in order to hire Luciel"
  • "It’s easy to become careless to those close to you."
  • "Does bus card come charged? Or would I have to charge it?"
  • "Sometimes artists do things I can’t even imagine about."
  • "Until your hair turns white… Oh, Zen’s hair is already white."
  • "I would like to create a cushion that has the texture of a cat’s paws."

Jaehee's Route

  • "Book of the day: How to control annoying colleague"
  • "Which pair of shoes should I wear today? The wingtips?"
  • "Should C&R start another game project? For cats of course…"
  • "It’s good to have our sticks rising, but maintenance is crucial."
  • "Is the client’s fly open…? Am I the only one seeing this?"
  • "Sometimes, although very very rarely, I wonder what Elizabeth’s food tastes like."
  • "Why did Cinderella wear glass slippers? They must be so uncomfortable."
  • "My father and I have nothing in common in terms of taste. It’s convenient to simply ignore it."
  • "I wonder if cats feel their ears itching when other cats are talking about them."
  • "I have my own principles."
  • "Everyone makes their own ‘choices’."
  • "I heard people express their anger through rapping… Would it work?"
  • "Elizabeth 3rd, I…."
  • "Jaehee takes her responsibilities very seriously…"

Yoosung's Route

  • "Someone said that the minute you wear a tank-top under your shirt, you're an old man. Not me though."
  • "Even bats are afraid of cats."
  • "I like ruled notebooks. Disorder only leads to chaos."
  • "Yoosung seems to want my attention. Hmm, is he what people call a drama queen?"
  • "The arm warmer the farmers are wearing… Can I make one for cats?"
  • "I’ve received a request to have my photo taken with my hair up. I don’t feel like it."
  • "How does Zen take care of his hair? Does he braid them?"
  • "Where is Assistant Kang right now?"
  • "Fair trade, the words I must carve into my heart as a businessman."
  • "Mi, miya, meow, meoow. I can understand everything you say, Elizabeth."
  • "For leftover wine, it is best to put a stopper and have the bottle stand on a tilted angle."
  • "I wish I could sleep in."
  • "Is there a way to secretly bring Elizabeth 3rd to the party… I can simply ignore Zen."
  • "It is a fortune to be able to use my wealth for people I care about."

Jumin's Route

  • "I just received a bath bomb made out of gold as a gift. Will it release gold dust when it melts?"
  • "I made it clear that I'm not interested in joining a social club, but they continue to contact me."
  • "Sometimes I feel trapped when surrounded by bodyguards."
  • "Elizabeth 3rd, you take two steps back for every step I go forward."
  • "The noise is never ending. I must reinstall the sound insulation."
  • "I don't want to give up... I don't want to let go..."
  • "My heart is racing faster when I look at Elizabeth 3rd."
  • "I hope she remains within my eyesight."
  • "This can't be enough. What more can I do for her?"
  • "Feeling happy in the present. Perhaps I'd forgotten about that."
  • "I feel like I am in a different universe when I am with you. Everything feels new."
  • "I don't need anyone else. I just need one person to understand me."
  • "Change is unfamiliar and frightening but it's worth it."
  • "I would like to lay out a red carpet everywhere you go, but I must stop myself."

707's Route

  • "Only those who are talented are given an abundance of work. It's ineffective not to put talents to use."
  • "The nutritionist has apparently declared today the 'calorie bomb' day. The burger is 20cm high."
  • "Should I buy some land around the company building and build a theme park for cats?"
  • "I find Assistant Kang giving me intense stares at times. I wonder why. Perhaps I should ask her directly."
  • "V, I hope you are safe. It's become impossible to reach you..."
  • "The beauty of angles. Product displays must also carefully consider angles and lighting."
  • "I am yet to be the age where I should be called old. I must read more of the urban dictionary."
  • "Everyone has at least one secret of their own."
  • "I must teach Zen how to control his feelings. Of course, he'll be a bad student."
  • "Three hours of rest is enough. I will get to the bottom of all this so that there aren't any loose ends."
  • "I will help whenever and wherever when it's needed."
  • "It's good to think of all the variables when planning a big event."
  • "I am out of wine. I must have forgotten to refill it. Must gather myself..."
  • "Ladies and gentlemen, hmm, no. I should be more casual with the opening."

Another Story

  • "Time to order more earl grey tea bags."
  • "Should I change my fringe to center-parting? No... it'll be too shocking."
  • "There;s a typo in the email from the customer. They typed a double period..."
  • "Is it true that you can search for new products by just searching the internet these days?"
  • "The fidget cube Mr.Kim has.. seems Mr. Choi needs it as well."
  • "The blue scarf, it'll look good on Elizabeth the 3rd."
  • "A storage bow in the shape of a wine glass, interesting."
  • "The new worker can't seem to look at me properly after I caught him dancing in the restroom, maybe I'm mistaken."
  • "My thoughts are clouding.... the clouds have turned into a circle. Looks like a cogwheel."
  • "Listening to V's voicemail.... I do think his voice is slightly cheesy."
  • "Human's psychology state is very complexed and perplexed."
  • "I want to try.... the vampire costume."
  • "I should tell V to buy a bottle of wine when he comes back safely."
  • "It was a good idea to let Assistant Kang take care of the intelligence unit."
  • ""
  • ""
  • ""
  • ""
  • ""
  • ""
  • "I need wine."
  • "Always stand straight and tall, my father's words."

Christmas Special 2016

  • "I saw my father dress up as Santa Claus and appear on TV..."
  • "I am not interested in Christmas... but the Santa Cat ornament is fairly cute."
  • "Does Santa come on Christmas Eve? Or on Christmas?"
  • "Would I have to dress up as Santa Claus once I get married and become a father?"

April Fool's Special 2017

  • "Why don't my father and I switch responsibilities for the day?"
  • "I know it's April Fool's Day, but I do not wish to lie and say I hate Elizabeth 3rd."

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