If you haven't played Mystic Messenger completely, you might read something that will reveal to you the complete story of the game. So please pay attention!

Normal Ending

In the normal ending, things happen similarly to the good ending, except Jumin resigns and he doesn't reveal you are his girlfriend to the press. After a time skip to a year later, Jumin and his employees set up a surprise birthday party for you. The employees call you Mrs. Han and say how helpful and nice you've been. Jumin is proud to have you as his wife.

Bad Endings

Like all the other main characters, there are 3 bad story endings in Jumin's route and 2 bad relationship endings if the player fails to get enough hearts by the various game branches within his route.

Bad Story Ending 1

The player is called into a meeting with Jumin and Jaehee. Sarah and Chairman Han interrupt it. After Chairman leaves, the player and Sarah get into a fight. Jumin enjoys watching it, and even asks Jaehee to get him some popcorn. After a time skip, the employees are talking about Jumin's girlfriend (you) being the new sales manager. Jaehee later officially introduces the player in the meeting as a new member to the company.

Bad Story Ending 2

The player acts obsessive towards Jumin, thus provoking his desires to 'lock her up'. The player's actions does not help Jumin solve his tangled emotions, but instead provoke darker thoughts and emotions inside him. Eventually, on day 8, the only option available to the player is to ask Jumin to not let her ever escape. Jumin then ties the player up, put tracking gadgets on the player, alarms around the penthouse. He often alludes to a controlling, BDSM type relationship in this end.

Bad Story Ending 3

The player acts as if she is imprisoned, continuously reject Jumin, and wants to escape the penthouse. V later comes in and convinces him to let you go home. Jumin is sorry for not letting you go and hopes to see you tomorrow in the dress he got you. When the player gets home, the hacker is waiting for you. He wants revenge on Seven, but Seven's too strong, so he wants to make him feel guilty. The hacker talks about a switch and seems to activate a bomb in Rika's apartment, killing both the hacker and the player. So it is proven that Rika's apartment is not safe yet, just like what Jumin stated.

Bad Relationship Endings

Bad Relationship Ending 1

On the 7th Day, Jumin becomes paranoid about losing Elizabeth 3rd and immediately makes plans to remodel his penthouse so that she will not escape. Jaehee arrives to convince him to return to work and that Zen's premonition was simply a nightmare. However, Jumin rebuffs her claims, insisting that Zen had only made him realize the security flaws of his penthouse. He also wants to spend more time with Elizabeth 3rd and no longer cares about the company because his father is forcing him to marry Sarah Choi. When Jaehee says that the player wouldn't be happy when she finds out about this, Jumin reminds her that they have hardly spoken to each other and asks her to leave.

Three days later, Jaehee calls Zen to inform him that the party is canceled. She tells him that since Jumin hasn't been coming to work, Chairman Han thinks he is lazy and has given him the ultimatum of marrying Sarah or losing his position as the director in the company. Moreover, the player hasn't finished preparing for the party. After Jaehee hangs up, she expresses sadness at how lonely Jumin must have felt, and that she had hoped the player would have helped him.

Bad Relationship Ending 2

When Jumin comes home on day 10, the MC insists on leaving. Jumin refuses, again citing her safety. Jumin then confronts the MC about if she has lost interest in him. Before she can answer, V arrives. The MC takes this opportunity to try and escape by distracting the security guards, but Jumin quickly intervenes, and she is caught. Jumin does not understand why the MC is trying to run away, and V says plainly that it is because Jumin won't let her go home, and also mentions Seven's concerns that Jumin has been overly possessive. Jumin does not understand why the MC has an issue with him. While V and Jumin argue, the MC opens a window in Jumin's penthouse, and tries to escape.

V notices a draft from an open window, and they both see the MC trying to crawl out. V warns how dangerous it is to open the window from that height, and Jumin calls out to her. The MC jumps from the window to escape from Jumin, and is killed.

Good Ending

Having collected sufficient evidence against Glam Choi and Sarah Choi, he invites them to RFA's party and publicly denounces them in front of his father. It is revealed that Glam Choi and Sarah are sisters, with Sarah having undergone extensive plastic surgery to differentiate her appearance from her sibling. It is revealed that the two are deeply in debt, and the scheme to marry Chairman Han and Jumin was hatched to get them back into financial stability. At the end of this call out, he proposes to the player in front of the paparazzi.

After Ending


It is revealed that the player and Jumin had gotten married shortly after the events of the Good Ending. The RFA members discuss about the prospects about their relationship, before going to the airport to welcome them back from their honeymoon. As both are swamped by reporters, Jumin requests the player to 'put [herself] above everyone's eyes... and put [him] in second place' as he wishes for her to choose 'a selfish life where [she] puts [herself] above everything else.' The ending concludes with Jumin answering the reporters about how he truly loves his wife.