• Due to his background, Jumin doesn't know a lot about commoner food.
  • His cat, Elizabeth 3rd, is a Persian cat.
    • She was a gift from Rika and V to Jumin so that he doesn't feel lonely.
    • Her name was given to her by V.
      • The story behind her naming in real life is that one of Cheritz' staff found a cat and gave her for an adoption. The owner apparently gave her the name Elizabeth so that she will live like a queen.
  • In Another Story, Jumin has owned Elizabeth the 3rd for 1062 days.
  • Jumin's nickname is Cat Mom, and 707's nickname is Cat Dad.
  • (Unless you are playing his route) Jumin does not have much interest in dating.
    • Jumin believes the only women who are by his side are Jaehee and Elizabeth the 3rd.
  • Jaehee's procedure in cheering up Jumin whenever he is stressed or upset is complimenting Elizabeth the 3rd. Jaehee states that this is a successful way in lifting up his mood.
  • Jumin is horrible at driving. [1]
    • This is because Jumin is used to being driven around by his driver, Driver Kim.
  • His phone number is +82)010-8125-(#@)
  • According to the RFA Orientation Guidebook:
    • His email is
    • His special talents include golf and foreign languages.
    • He likes wine, cheese, and tea, and dislikes nothing in particular.
    • He likes women who don't approach him for his background and whose environment can be controlled by him - hence why he likes cats.
    • He likes symmetrical patterns and striped patterns.
    • He desires nothing; perhaps due to his wealth.
    • His most used app is the phone
    • His favorite quote is: "You must appeal to the profits rather than your intelligence in order to persuade someone."
    • He has a habit of drinking wine regardless of the time and place whenever he is stressed.
    • If he had a job unaffiliated with C&R, he would be managing his own company.
    • For a first date, he would like to buy an uninhabited island and spend some alone time together. Overall he would like to be alone with his date.
    • If he had to give his date a gift, he would like to gift her a choker with a pink diamond and place it on her himself or a pair of pretty heels.
      • He also worries about the Asian superstition that should a person gift a pair of shoes to someone, the receiver would walk out of the gifter's life.
    • With women, he has no preference in looks, but he wants them to be polite and punctual.
  • His preferred outfit is three piece suit.
  • He prefers pinstriped suits and says that diagonals make him anxious.
  • He got a book from Rika which he should read if he can't sleep. [2]
    • He stated that he hasn't finished it, and won't because it was her last gift.
  • Jumin is not very savvy with technology, evidenced due to his lack of knowledge in the "who's there" feature in the messenger chat, and the fact he does not know how to work a vending machine, as stated by Jaehee.
  • There is an error in Jumin's height. In the initial English translation, he is stated to be 183 cm whereas in the Korean version he is 184 cm.
  • Even though Jumin is not savvy with technology, he has a Grey Station and a Zet Box which are very likely based on the Playstation and the Xbox. [3]
  • He doesn't like slaves.
  • His official title at C&R International is Project Director
  • In the Korean version, the RFA members tease him by calling him a wizard (based on the internet meme that says that if one remains a virgin until they turn 30, they can gain magical powers).
  • In the Valentine's Day After Ending, Jumin is noted to have the most recent edition of the Urban Dictionary and a "Book of Black Magic", and all of his volumes of Expert Playboy have been given to Yoosung.
  • Zen states Jumin is Chairman Han's eldest son, implying that he has younger siblings and most likely half-siblings. [4]
  • Jumin states he knows a lot about wine but he doesn't really like to drink alcohol.
  • Through text messages with Jaehee, Jumin is said to not like sweets.
  • He has broken the fourth wall by telling MC, "Don't play the game too late, (name)". [5]
  • Jumin has stated that he attended a university overseas/abroad. [6]
  • In an outgoing call, Jumin reveals that the last time he spoke with his mother was two years ago and that she is currently traveling the world. [7]
  • Jumin is mentioned to have been an executive of C&R International for 4 years.
  • Jumin states that he has 3 farms he visits regular; a cherry farm, a grape farm, and a small weekend farm in his private garden. His cherry farm used to be a strawberry farm, until he ordered it to be changed 2 years ago.
  • Jumin states that he owns a helicopter and a private jet that are based in Seoul as well as multiple boats that are docked at the Han River in Busan. [8]
  • Jumin feels endlessly anxious when he looks at objects placed diagonally.
  • Everyone in Jumin's family loves to brew tea. [9]
  • In an outgoing call in Christmas DLC, Jumin mentions that his father gave him two years ago a private jet, last year a yacht, and this year a vacation home on Christmas day. [10]
  • Jumin's most memorable gift from his father is he's made the largest shareholder of a toy company in which his father found.[10]
  • Jumin's second nanny used to sing to him the Sesame Street Theme, in which Seven also knows the song. [11]
  • According to Zen in an incoming call, rumors say that Jumin drinks four espresso shots at once time to time. [12]
  • Jumin tried to make an omurice during a business trip to Japan before. [13]
  • Jumin doesn't believe in superstitions like ghost and psychic dreams. [14]
  • Jumin has a high enough IQ to allow him membership into Mensa. [15]
  • Zen claims Jumin is an alcoholic, while Jumin blames his drinking on V and his father.
  • Jumin once stated that he had an imaginary friend when he was 7.


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