If you haven't played Mystic Messenger completely, you might read something that will reveal to you the complete story of the game. So please pay attention!


LOLOL, short for "League of Loneliness of Life", is a highly addicting computer game that Yoosung will play all the time, despite the other members telling him not to. Not much is known about the game.

Yoosung is shown to be addicted to it and generally stays up late at night playing, despite the other members of RFA telling him not too, this usually leads to him being extremely tired or miss classes. For a short period he quits the game, but soon starts playing again.

Known Players

707 home
Guests Homepage
Yoosung, under the username "Superman Yoosung". 707, under the username "Hacker God". Multiple Guests play under unknown usernames.


  • 707 has an account and plays rarely, however he gets bored of the game easily.
  • 707 is said to be number one player in the "Shooting Star" Server, Yoosung being in second place.
  • The name is a play on the computer game "League of Legends".
    • However, the actual game is possibly a reference to the popular online game, "World Of Warcraft (WoW)" or "Dungeon Fighter Online (DFO)".
  • Yoosung became the guildmaster on Day 4 Casual Story. In April Fool's DLC he is the vice master of Omelette guild.
    • He and his guild members voted for the guild name as mentioned in an outgoing call in April Fool's DLC. The candidates were omelette, scrambled eggs, and tamagoyaki.
  • Yoosung's LOLOL character seems to be based on the League of Legends Character Taric, most notably his 'Armour of the fifth age' character skin pre-redesign.
  • Yoosung's spaceship reveals that character skins cost money. (Like League Of Legends.)
  • According to Jaehee, the game is so popular that there is an international competition every year.

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