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This is the list of official merchandise produced by Cheritz. They ship every Tuesday.

Note that price listed below does not include shipping charge (starts from $15) and customs in respective country if available.

RFA VIP Package

The limited edition package has been available since before the game's release. The package is priced at $79, and includes the following:
  • VIP members card tag along with its card holder and necklace. Behind the card, there's a special code that allows VIP members to get a profit within the game such as:
    • 1000 Hourglasses,
    • All characters phone call cards, 
    • Additional ringtones (text message and phone call only).
  • 6 business cards of RFA members
  • Original soundtrack and freetalk with DoubleTO, Han, and Sirius
  • Freetalk session with Jumin Han, ZEN, 707, Yoosung, Jaehee Kang, V, Rika, and Unknown's voice actor
    • Both freetalk are provided with English translation script
  • 62 page RFA Orientation Guidebook
  • 44 page RFA's Top Secret
  • Mint Eye bookmark
  • 2 A4 posters: news from RFA members and invitation from Mint Eye

Cardcase & Strap Set (Sold Out)

Cardcase can be attached to the back of a phone to keep your card safe. Its size is 5.8 x 8.5cm, a bit larger than iPhone 5.

The mini strap is a plastic plug that can be attached to phone via audio jack. The size of the strap is 5 x 1.5 cm while the total length of the strap when unfolded is 14 cm. It is available for all main 5 characters for $5 each.

707 Mini Clear File (Sold Out)


B5 sized (or 12 x 17.5cm) mini clear file for $1.

707 Spaceship Cushion

707 Spaceship Cushion

Mini cushion with 707 illustration print. Its fabric is made with Polyester (Filling included), with size 30x50 cm. Priced at $29.

RFA Dotted Mousepad

RFA Dotted Mousepad
Width: 22 cm, Length: 17.5 cm, Height: 2 mm. Priced at $5.

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