Common 5

Pass Out After Drinking Caffeine Syndrome (POADCS for short) is a disease that 707 made up in an attempt to prank Yoosung on Day 4 of Casual Story (Chat "Do Not Drink Coffee"). The disease supposedly began in cows, on Long Cat Island, who ate wild coffee beans.


  • The article 707 sends was posted on a website called Cherrypedia, which was a play on Wikipedia.
  • If the player reads the text, in the image, they come across "00000111 00000000 00000111" twice, which translates to "707" from binary.
  • The image 707 sends breaks the fourth wall by saying "...A well-know silly syndrome in Mystic Messenger (unreadable) Cheritz."
  • The article says the first cow to get POADCS passed out for three seconds.
  • The article also says the cow's lover got POADCS, but it's unknown how.
  • It's obvious Yoosung never read the article because he fell for this prank.

707 says the only cure is chocolate milk.

  • If the player was to read said image, they'd notice the bottom of it says, "I am just writing random BS to mock Yoosung. Thanks to cows and my imagination."

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