If you haven't played Mystic Messenger completely, you might read something that will reveal to you the complete story of the game. So please pay attention!

The following is a listing of the RFA members' current residence and its location along with their other residential properties.

Jumin Han's

Main Residence

Jumin lives in a penthouse that was previously owned by his father but Jumin purchased it from him last year. It is a highly secured building that is guarded by his bodyguards with CCTVs and thermal sensors. Jumin owns a private garden near his building, which was the main reason for him purchasing the property; he wanted to see the roses in his garden every weekend. His penthouse currently has ivory wallpaper on his walls and at least one floor to ceiling aquariums.

On the first floor is the lounge, cafe, and restaurant. The basement contains a shop that sells imported goods and an antique shop. On the second floor is a music hall and on the seventh floor is a gym. There is also a mini garden on the rooftop as well as a helipad for Jumin's private use. In Jumin's Valentine After Ending he mentioned that the gym is downstairs so his room is most likely on the eighth floor, meaning the building only has eight stories, nine stories if the basement is included.


Jumin owns multiple luxury boats that are docked at the Han River in Busan. Although he was being sarcastic in his reply to Zen, Jumin mentions that he would able to live on one of his boats if he had to move out of his penthouse and live in a cheap, semi-basement apartment like Zen for fun.

Vacation Home

This vacation home is a gift from his father on Christmas Day in the Christmas Special. He honestly thinks that it is a useless Christmas gift for him.

Childhood Home

Although not much is known about Jumin's childhood home, both Jumin and Seven have stated that house is located in a Christian neighborhood and in one richest districts in South Korea.

Post Wedding Home

After marrying MC, Jumin has purchased a new property and has begun the construction of a new home for them to move to. As of the Valentine's Day After Ending, the home is still under construction. Neither its appearance nor' location is currently know.

Island Home

A private island, having been given to Jumin by his father as a childhood birthday gift when Jumin was five years old. He's never actually visited the island due to the only way to access it being by ferry. Jumin had been using it as a grape vineyard, having a village of staff living in it.

The home on it is a mansion, requiring at least 5 staff members to work in it. This home was given to Saeran and MC in Ray's Normal Ending.


Main Residence

Seven lives in a bunker style home that has a minimum of 3 levels of security. According to Jumin, his home is located somewhere in the mountains and in the middle of nowhere.

Childhood Home

The twins grew up here under their abusive mother. The house is tiny, having only one proper room which was a mixure of the drawing room, bedroom, and living room. The kitchen was nothing but a small corridor.

The house has since been abandoned and it is heavily hinted V and Rika burned it down in Ray's Good Ending.


Jaehee Kang's

Apartment Hallway

This image is used alot in different locations such as C&R hallway and in Yoosung's Vday After Ending


Yoosung lives in an apartment, although he has moved to different places multiple times.


Zen lives in a small semi-underground apartment, which has access to the building's roof. The building's address is  B1 431 Mysterious Tabcco St. in Jingerbread City, SEL 04047


Main Residence

V's home
V's home is built near and facing a cliff. It is at least 30 km away from the city, and takes more than an hour of driving to get there. Inside has many photographs that he has taken throughout his career framed and hung on the walls.

Rika's apartment

The place where Rika used to live. See here for more info.


Another Story

MC stays in a room that Ray has prepared for her, she has full access to that floor, but can't leave it without telling Ray first. The room is situated in Magenta, the castle headquarters of Mint Eye.