Saejoong Choi is the current prime minister and one of the two main antagonists in Ray's route. He is also the illegitimate father of Saeyoung Choi (707) and Saeran Choi (Unknown/ Ray).


  1. Personality
  2. Appearance


In the public eye, Saejoong Choi might as well be the perfect example of an honest, kind man to succeed in politics. That is why it is said in Another Story that he might be elected as the next president as the public likes him.

However, as the story progresses, it is revealed that the kind man is just a fake persona to hide the ugly truth behind it. He is said to have tried relentlessly to find his twin sons when they were young in an attempt to kill them. And he yet again went as far as kidnapping 707 later on to annihilate him after getting information about his brother from him. He has committed a series of illegal acts, including bribing the police, to maintain his perfect image.


Saejoong Choi is said to be fairly good-looking for a politics man (affirmed by Zen). He has brown hair and golden eyes. It is shown that he looks similar to 707, which starts the questions at first place.

He has a good build and is seen to be wearing a brown suit, a white shirt, and a dark brown tie, while also having a beige coat draped on his arm at all times.