If you haven't played Mystic Messenger completely, you might read something that will reveal to you the complete story of the game. So please pay attention!

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The Secret Ending of Mystic Messenger specifically refers to the Secret 01 and Secret 02 After Endings that is accessible after the player obtains 707’s Good Ending. It focuses on more details of the backstories of V, Rika, 707, and Unknown, and reveals the rest of the entire plot details behind the events of Mystic Messenger, where Vanderwood plays a rather significant role in contributing to the plot as well.

In these episodes, the player will play the role of Seven's girlfriend.

Each Secret ending consists of 7 episodes, which will require 10 hourglasses each to unlock. As a result, the player would require 140 hourglasses in total to read the entire plot extension in Secret Ending.

Secret 01

Finishing Seven's route with Good Ending will leave Secret 01 unlockable. Secret 01 focuses on V and Rika's past.

Episode 01

Secret 01 picks up from where Saeyoung's good ending left off - chasing after Vanderwood who had mistakenly kidnapped Saeran instead of his original intent to take Saeyoung hostage instead. Meanwhile, Vanderwood converses with Saeran, who notes how Saeran and Saeyoung are nothing alike even though they're twins; with Saeyoung not being as serious as how Saeran is, and how Saeyoung always did crazy things as if he only had a day to live. As Vanderwood notices Saeyoung and the player's arrival at the scene, he mentions how the player will have to go down along with Saeyoung.

Saeyoung allows Vanderwood to inspect the inside of his car, while he checks if Saeran is unharmed. He tells Saeran he's glad that he doesn't seem hurt, before turning to Vanderwood and telling him to delete the server on his laptop himself if he wants. The player tells Saeyoung that she will accompany Vanderwood into the car, in which the latter questions her and says he will go instead. Vanderwood then interjects the conversation, choosing the player instead and threatening Saeyoung that he will harm the player if he does anything. Saeyoung replies with another threat, saying that he will blow the entire place up if something were to happen to the player. He urges Vanderwood to hurry up, before turning to Saeran and assures him that they will get out of this situation soon. He tells Saeran that he does not have to be on his side, and only wants him to be alive. Saeran replies coldly, saying how he will never approach Saeyoung for help even if he lives or dies. Saeyoung then knocks Saeran unconscious, saying he will put him to sleep for a while.

In the car, Vanderwood asks the player if they have implanted 'any funny device' there. Saeyoung contacts Vanderwood through the radio, and threatens to make him 'disappear from the face of the Earth' should he ever hold the player hostage. He tells Vanderwood that he will eventually be disposed of by the agency once the whole incident is over since he is someone who knows too much information. Saeyoung offers an escape chance to him, telling him that in the car there are new identification forms for her that are already registered in the national registry. While Vanderwood expresses his shock at how insane Saeyoung can be for hacking into the national registry, the latter tells him that this is the only chance that will guarantee his survival. It is implied that he is urging Vanderwood to trust him since he has left the player - the person most important to him - in his hands. Saeyoung tells Vanderwood that the car is bulletproof, before cutting off the radio intermission.

Vanderwood contacts the agency, requesting the boss for permission to approach Agent 707, with intentions to betray the agency, while noting how this might be a less painful way to die. Suddenly, he hears a commotion outside, with Saeyoung yelling at Vanderwood to bring the unconscious Saeran into the car. Saeyoung is then shot at his arm. Both then tell the player to lower her head and drive so that she does not get hurt.

The four then seek refuge in a nearby cabin, with Vanderwood noting how the bullet barely grazed Saeyoung. They are forced to stall for time in their hiding spot to prevent the agency from locating them. Vanderwood questions Saeyoung if it would be better to take the risk and be on the move, or even spread information about the agency online and let it self-destruct, before criticising him about being selfless and caring for the player and Saeran to the point that he would risk his entire future (by injuring his shoulders). Saeyoung thanks Vanderwood for deciding to help them escape; in which the latter replies he did it because he wants to get out of here alive. Just as Saeyoung tells Vanderwood to help him type and hack in due to the agency changing the algorithm, Saeran awakens.

Vanderwood explains the current situation to Saeran (while referring to the player as his sister-in-law, to which Saeyoung approves in amusement). He questions Saeyoung why he would always tear up whenever he sees Saeran, and tells him how impressed he was when he took the bullet for Saeran. He expresses his puzzlement at why there is really bad blood between the twin brothers. Saeran then requests to go outside, claiming that he feels suffocated in their hiding place. Vanderwood warns Saeran not to go beyond the tree in front of the cabin in order to avoid detection. Saeran tells her that he will just stay outside (and requests for a cigarette in the process).

Outside, it is revealed that Saeran has taken one of their phones. He switches on the GPS and locates their current location, before making a phone call to Mint Eye to call for reinforcements. He expresses his deep hatred towards 'Luciel', saying he will have to pay with his life for tricking him throughout his entire life.

The next morning, Saeyoung does a double check with everyone else. He tells Vanderwood that the agency is upgrading their entire security system, which would make it harder to hack in in future. When he asks Saeran if he is hurt anyone, Saeran coldly brushes him off. Saeyoung hopes that he will eventually understand that it was V who was behind everything and not him all along. He expresses his determination to make Saeran understand the truth and not wanting to let go of him now that both of them are together again. Saeran tells Saeyoung to just leave him alone.

As Vanderwood asks about Saeyoung's injury, someone then knocks at the cabin door. Vanderwood asks if he should just start shooting when the door opens, with Saeyoung replying that no one can die here. Saeran opens the door, and demands the newcomer why he is here.

Episode 02

The episode starts with a flashback to when V and Rika first met. V approaches Rika at his photo exhibition because she had been standing there for over an hour. He asks her if she likes his photo and she tells him she loves it, so much so that she had to come back and get another look at it. Before V is able to leave she stops him to ask a question. Rika tells him that she feels as if her fears leave when she stares at his photos and then wonders if a world without fear would ever come. She then asks him if this is how he felt when he took his photos. V replies saying he doesn't have such thoughts but he wishes people like her feel love when looking at his photos.

V offers Rika the photo if she would like it. When she says she couldn't take it for free, V suggests that she could buy him a coffee in exchange afterwards. He tells her that he would like to hear more about her thoughts on his photography and how she views life. Then it goes back to present V as he talks to himself about not being able to see her now and says this is how he'll get closer to her.

After this, it goes back to the cabin where Saeran is demanding to know why the newcomer is here. The newcomer is revealed to be V. Saeyoung asks Saeran what is happening and Vanderwood works out that Saeran told Mint Eye where they were. V tells them that he's there to take them to Mint Eye.

Saeran continues to demand why V is here instead of the saviour. V finally gives him an answer telling him that the saviour chose him. He then tells everyone that he brought people to take them by force if they didn't comply. Saeran calls the disciples into the cabin.

While this is happening Saeyoung was sending their coordinates to the RFA chatroom but was unable to finish it due to the fact that his arm wasn't moving properly. V notices him trying to upload their coordinates before he finished. A believer/disciple then comes in and shouts at them to drop everything or they would attack. The disciples proceed to arrest everyone who is not with Mint Eye.

V tells Saeyoung not to forgive him and to remain as Luciel. He responds by saying that he would curse V forever. He was Saeyoung now, no longer 707 or Luciel. He claimed that he didn't need a name that was given to him by V or by God.

Saeyoung then tells MC that he's sorry and will find them a way out. Saeran mocks him, asking what he could do with his injured arm. He tells Saeyoung that he will give him more pain at Magenta and that he has waited a long time for this. He's going to take Saeyoung to the woman who tortured them.

Episode 03

This also starts with a flashback of V and Rika but this time they're in V's apartment. V asks how Rika's therapy has been going. She replies saying that she only goes because V wants her to and that she actually fears that therapy is bringing out the vicious sides of her. Rika expresses the dark and empty feelings within herself in detail and says that V wouldn't understand. V encourages her to tell him more about this side of herself because he loves her and wants to know more about her. She goes on to explain that she feels as if she is always pretending that she is normal and happy in front of everyone save V.

Rika can't understand why he's weird and loves her despite knowing all her dark sides. He replies saying that everything, even her pain, is beautiful to him and he loves it all. The only time Rika feels calm is when she looks at V's photos or when she's helping others but she is frustrated that it's only temporary. She tells V she feels disgusted with herself and that it comforts her to self-harm herself and offers to show him.

V suddenly grabs Rika's arms and tells her to stop. Rika struggles and resists, saying that even God can't help her. If he wanted her to stop then he would have to save her. He asks her to look into his eyes and let go of all the pain. Listening to V reassuring her that he will never leave her and that she wouldn't have to worry, Rika calms and beings to cry. Rika realises that what she feels for V is, in fact, love. She feels as if V is the only one who won't be hurt by her, she finds him so unbelievable that she doubts if V is even real. V tells her she can test him by strangling, blinding or breaking his limbs and ensures that he will stay because she is his sun. Rika breaks down and begs V to save her, because he is all she has left. V says that he hopes his love can save her and that he will devote himself completely to her. She finally accepts this and tells him to never leave her.

We are then taken back to the MC. Saeran calls out to the savior then the game reveals an image of Rika upon a throne. Saeyoung shows his surprise that Rika is alive and asks her questions about the situation. She simply ignores him and asks Saeran about the people tracking them. Saeran explained they were from Saeyoung and Vanderwood's agency and that he had taken care of them. Saeyoung realises that he had spread the info that he had threatened them with. He then turns to RIka and asks if she was aware V had told them that she committed suicide. Again, she ignores him and tells Saeran to 'take care of them'. He replies with saying that they would finally go through the entering ceremony. Saeyoung continues asking Rika questions but she leaves and Vanderwood tells him it's useless.

V calls out to Rika, asking where she is as he can't see her, due to his deteriorating vision. Saeran tells him not to misunderstand because the savior has no interest in him. He goes on to say that being her ex-lover doesn't mean anything and that Saeyoung should just be thankful he's alive. He then calls out to the believers telling them to take them in. One responds informing him that the savior wants to see him.

Saeyoung, Vanderwood and MC have been locked up. Vanderwood tends to Saeyoung's injury and expresses concern for his life. Saeyoung ignores him and tells MC that he's sorry he couldn't protect her and that he'll get them out. He desperately asks Vanderwood if he has a hidden transmitting device or phone but he says no. He then looks around to see if he has anything to make a weapon out of. Vanderwood reiterates his concerns for Saeyoung's life, but Saeyoung just dismisses it again, saying that he's fine as he has someone to protect.

The conversation then turns to the savior. Vanderwood demands to know what is going on seeing as she is putting her life on the line. Saeyoung explains that she is the founder of RFA. He had thought she committed suicide, but it turns out she was Saeran's 'savior' and the leader of the organisation that he was targeting. Vanderwood asks about the coordinates he sent before and Saeyoung explains that he only managed to send the X coordinates but only an uncompleted Y. He continues to have faith that Jumin would be able to find them but unsure if he could do it in time.

The scene then switches to the chatroom. Yoosung worries that it's been hours since Seven has logged on and that he just sent a bunch of numbers. Jumin tells him that they were coordinates and he's searching for them. Jaehee joins in and says that it will take a long time for Jumin to succeed. Upon entering the chatroom, Zen tells them that he had just seen that information from a secret intelligence agency had been leaked on the news. Jaehee leaves the chat room to look into this development. They conclude that it could be Seven's agency because the timing fits.

Back in the Mint Eye building, Saeran calls out to the Savior, who brushes him off saying she's busy. He demands to know why V is still alive when he doesn't deserve to be close to her. She reassures him that she only needs V to test something. Saeran insists that he isn't worthy of anything, as he's the one who lied to him for years. He asks if she still has feelings for V but she simply warns him to be careful of what he says and that he will destroy himself soon. She tells him that she has seen the future and V's has been set. Saeran accepts this and does not question her further.

Episode 04

This episode starts in the past as Rika talks about Sally, her late dog. V states that it has been three months since Sally had died, Rika states that she realized negligence is a crime, saying that if she gave the dog the operation, her pet would have survived longer than she did. Rika then starts telling V that hosting parties were not enough to help out the world. V disagrees, making Rika angry and inforcing the idea that she could start a new organization to save everyone from pain.

In the present, V stated that he still could somehow see Rika, imagining her right in front of his eyes. V tells Rika that even if Rika stills tortures him, he still would love her as he did before. She doesn't believe in him, and starts to blame the RFA, since she believes that V cares about the RFA more than her.

V hands over a phone to Saeyoung, telling him to use the phone to communicate to Jumin for help. Afterwards, V stated that Rika was sick before he had met her, informing them that she had been suffering from paranoia and depression for a long while. V continues to constantly apologize, with the knowledge that Saeyoung will not forgive him, no matter how many times he said it. Later, he tells Saeyoung, MC, and Vanderwood about the cutscene we saw at the beginning of the episode. He continues to talk about Rika's plans and past, revealing that Rika had been reaching out to Saeran to help with the exploitation of the RFA. Saeyoung becomes more angry that he and Saeran had been used for the everlasting party, along with the fact that he made a secret security system to stop his twin without being told that it was, in fact, Saeran that he was stopping.

Episode 05

Rika continues to talk about freeing everyone from pain, and said that V would still love her even if she attempts to blind him. V keeps stating that he will keep his never-ending love for Rika, regardless of the injuries she inflicts upon him. He waits until the Rika he knew would come back, not the Rika who had been taking control of Mint Eye.

The scenes switches to where Jumin and Jaehee is. They received the message Saeyoung had sent from the phone that V gave him. The chatroom screen appears, as Saeyoung sends a SOS message through V's name, then disappearing afterwards. Jumin then offers to go to Magenta by himself, trying to figure out what happened to Saeyoung and the player, telling Jaehee to prepare a helicopter for him to arrive. Jaehee protests this instruction, but ends up doing it anyway.

The cat robot brings the group five tomatoes, spitting them out, making Vanderwood say that it's throwing up tomatoes. The robot admits that a woman with blond hair had caught him. Rika then appears behind the robot, as the cat says that it was her who found him. Rika states that Saeyoung should be more like his brother, considering that Saeran is very loyal to her and to Mint Eye, and that because they are twins, they should be alike. V tells Rika to stop involving innocent people, as she tries to pursue Saeyoung. She says that she has no plans to include V, and that she has decided to use V to implant fear into everyone and then throw him away.

Episode 06

Vanderwood worries about Saeyoung's injured arm, and questions him how he could continue to stay standing. The cleansing ceremony begins, but Saeran interrupts by asking the Savior about Saeyoung, or "Luciel" as he states. He says that she told him that he had a greater potential than Saeyoung. Rika says that she gave Saeran a chance, but he never defeated his twin. He continues to say that letting his brother have the cleansing ceremony and stay here at Magenta is a huge betrayal to him. Saeran tries to convince the other believers that Saeyoung was useless, due to his injured arm and that he would be a burden to the everlasting party.

Rika tells the believers to take Saeran so he could take more of the elixir. Saeyoung willingly stands in front of Saeran, blocking the believers from taking him, stating that he admitting that he wouldn't let his brother disappear again. He tells them to stop bringing pain into his family, and that he would destroy them if they hurt his brother. Saeyoung tells Saeran to stay with him, and then faints. Rika takes the opportunity to tell the believers to take away Saeyoung and lock Saeran up due to his anger issues earlier.

Saeran then stood in front of where his brother had fainted, and reveals a gun and threatens to shoot anyone who comes near him. A quick flashback comes into his head, a vision of him going to look for his brother when he was younger. His thoughts kept getting out of hand, half of his head saying that Saeyoung had abandoned him, and the other protesting that he would never do such thing.

Saeran begins to have a mental breakdown, having his head hurting as he held up the gun. V asks Rika what's going on, with her telling the disciples to not be alarmed, and that this was a test given to them. Saeran then shoots V, as Rika became shocked.

Another flashback occurs, this one showing Jumin and V talking about the pictures he had taken on Rika. He stated that he could no longer take pictures of Rika because she was no longer with him. Jumin admits that Rika was a great person, and that he was upset that Rika has left the RFA. Once Jumin has left, V prays to God to keep Rika safe, and promised that he will be her sun when he dies.

Episode 07


Secret 02

Finishing Secret 01 will leave Secret 02 unlockable. Secret 02 is mainly focused on Saeran's backstory and Seven / Saeyoung's attempts to rehabilitate and break through to him.

Episode 01

Saeran is brought to hospital, and has a flashback to when they were children, when Saeyoung was still by his side. The scene changes, and Rika is then shown brainwashing him to turn him against Saeyoung by making him believe Saeyoung abandoned him.

Saeran wakes, and becomes aggressive towards Saeyoung who had waited by his side.

Episode 02


Episode 03


Episode 04


Episode 05


Episode 06


Episode 07

In chat, Jumin and Jaehee are berating Zen's decision to send Rika to Alaska for therapy, although it is implied that they understand one of Zen's primary motives was to send Rika out of the country so that it is harder for the police to interrogate her.


Meanwhile, having made up with Saeran, Saeyoung invites the RFA members for an impromptu engagement party at his house, stating that he would propose to MC there. They arrive, and take a, as Zen puts it, family photo; with everyone from RFA, including the MC and Saeran; now with his hair back to its original red colour.