Hey, hows it going, people? This is my first blog post, so don't be too judgey. What i'm mostly gonna be posting about in this blog is gaming stuff, like whats going on in the gaming community, and my thought on it, and what I think of other things. I'll also talk about what I think about new games, and what i look forward to in upcoming games. That being said, let's talk about f*cking games!

Lately, there have been a lot of crappy made games floating around in the gaming community. Like for example, Muddy Hights, and Muddy Hights 2. I mean, you could say in the aspect of shitting off a building onto passers-by below, it's a pretty well made game, (better made than that stupid Poop in my Soup game) but In the sense of being a full game meant to be played more than the single day that you finished everything, it's easily comparable to more popular and well-made games like Goat Simulator (which I know, in it's own way fits into the crappy game category) and even more so, even more recent games like TABS(Totally Accurate Battle Simulator) and the ever popular Just Cause 3. But even though I say that they're crappy made games, that doesn't mean that they're neccesarily bad games. I'm just saying that they lack certain things in plot, art, or gameplay, that more popular games don't.

But anyways, that's just an opinion. Let me know what YOU think about the matter in the comments. Make sure to follow me, and I'll see all you mangy kittens later! 

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