Tips to get his route:

(Note: Some tips can be applied to other days)

  • Get a lot of V(blue) hearts and avoid getting Ray(Magenta) hearts.
  • Don't treat the RFA members like AIs.
  • Don't follow Ray's orders and enjoy being with the RFA.
  • Don't be nice and flirt with Ray.
  • Don't doubt V, be nice to him and always side with him.
  • Be sensitive to V when it comes to his family.
  • Don't pry out secrets on V and Seven.

Tips to avoid bad endings:

(Note: Some tips can be applied to other days)

Bad Story Ending 1 (day 5-7)

  • Don't be suspicious nor blame V, be concerned for him.
  • Trust him and always side with him.
  • Let him and Seven save you.
  • Don't be nice nor’ support with Ray and Rika.

Bad Story Ending 2 (day 8-9)

  • Prioritize V's condition and feelings rather than blaming and getting angry on Rika and Ray.
  • Don't be obsessed, fawn over him, nor push your 'love' to him.
  • Don't be aggressive. You can disagree with Rika and Ray but don't be hostile.
  • Don't choose options like 'I'm better than Rika I can be her replacement' and 'Love me'
  • Make him love himself.

Bad Story Ending 3 (day 10)

  • Prioritize V's condition rather than blaming and getting revenge on Rika.
  • Don't be aggressive.
  • Think positive.
  • Be sensitive/concerned on other characters' feelings especially Yoosung's.
  • Find a peaceful way to end the conflict

Bad Relationship Endings 1 & 2

  • Participate at least 50% chatrooms everyday.

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