If you haven't played Mystic Messenger completely, you might read something that will reveal to you the complete story of the game. So please pay attention!

I'm so glad we're hosting another party! I'm going to do better than last time so that Rika's not disappointed from up there.

—Yoosung, Comment from RFA Orientation Guidebook

 Yoosung is one of the Casual Story characters available in Mystic Messenger. Yoosung is a sophomore college student who plays a game called LOLOL and invests too much time into it. Because of that, he does not spend as much time studying for college. Yoosung is also the cousin of Rika and cannot fully bring himself to completely believe that she is not alive anymore.


Yoosung is a really nice and lovable person, and is described by the other RFA members as 'a real puppy'. Yoosung cares about others a lot and loves to spend time with others. He is naive and believes things that are told to him more often than not, as shown during several of his interactions with 707. As a result, he is often unforgiving to his naive nature.

Because of the sadness in his heart from Rika's death, he often talks with the others about her and compares her with the player, even though he is fully aware that the player and Rika are not the same person (not counting Bad Relationship Ending 1 where he confuses the player as Rika). Yoosung is also often jealous of other people like Zen for his good looks or Jumin Han for his rich and different life.

He is also possibly known to get very possessive, as you go along in his route, during one of his calls he clearly states "I don't want you to look at anyone but me", possibly signalling that he wants the player to see only him as her significant other.


He is the shortest out of all the male characters, at 171 cm (5'7.5") and is also the most youthful appearance and age-wise. He has messy, bleached blond hair that he usually keeps out of his eyes with two dark brown hair clips that form an 'X' shape. He has soft violet eyes and a young aura to him in all his photos. His style of clothing usually contains something blue.

Before Rika's death, he had well kept brown hair and wore more formal clothing in most of his past pictures.

Background Story

Despite how much he admired her, Yoosung hadn't actually met Rika until he was in 6th grade. As they spent more time together, he bore witness to the joy that came from the parties that the RFA threw and began to think of Rika as a magician of sorts. The death of Rika's pet dog, Sally, was the reason Yoosung chose to major in medicine to become a veterinarian. He did his best to get the top scores in all his classes. She shaped his whole life and when she died, he was thrown into depression. After her death, he hardly ever attended any of his college classes, so Seven decided to distract him by introducing him to the world of LOLOL, now his favorite MMORPG to distract him and help cope with his sadness.

Casual Story

As the player gets closer to Yoosung, Yoosung begins to take small steps into changing his life by quitting LOLOL. After confiding to the player numerous times about Rika, he begins to see some similarities in her and, at some point, begins to confuse her for Rika, to the dismay of the other members of RFA.

On the 7th Day, Seven reveals that he has found traces of the hacker in the previous three days, and that the hacker had modified the algorithm in the security system of Rika's apartment so that any RFA member who enters or exits the apartment will cause the bomb to detonate. Yoosung immediately becomes alarmed and quickly loses trust in RFA for putting the life of the player in danger, even after Seven fixes the security system. Angry, Yoosung pins the blame on V, mainly frustrated that V was able to move on quickly after Rika's death.

On the night of the 8th Day, V, who was called in by the other RFA members during the bomb incident, quickly rushes over to Yoosung's house to calm him down, confessing that he had hid secrets about Rika in order to protect him. He tells him that Rika had been suffering and is mentally unstable. Realizing how much RFA cares about him, Yoosung vows to become stronger to protect his loved ones as well.

Within the next following days, the threat from the hacker gets worse. Zen is harassed by a stalker outside of his house, and Jaehee receives a suspicious email from Mint Eye. Seven traces the e-mail back to its original location, and decides to go investigate. Wanting to protect the player, Yoosung volunteers to come as well.

At Mint Eye's base, Unknown catches Seven and Yoosung, threatening to press a manual switch that will detonate the bomb in Rika's apartment and the base itself. Yoosung grabs onto him while Seven escapes with the switch. By the time both of them leave the mountains, Yoosung is severely injured, but makes Seven promise not to tell anyone.



Yoosung is quite close with Seven. He often falls for the jokes/pranks Seven plays on him and is incredibly gullible. Seven was unable to make it to Yoosung's high school graduation due to being abroad at the time.


Yoosung was the closest to Rika, being her cousin and all. They had a very close relationship and when she "passed away", Yoosung was devastated and became very depressed.


Yoosung distrusts V and even goes as far as to hate him. Yoosung thinks that V changed after Rika's death and is upset that V couldn't give more evidence about her death, but in the end 'forgave' him after moving on with Rika's death.


Yoosung is close with Zen, and he is jealous of Zen's good looks. Zen acts like an older brother towards Yoosung. Zen congratulates Yoosung on his relationship with the player, but warns Yoosung not to compare Rika to the player.


Yoosung is close with Jaehee, and Jaehee watches out for him and nags him to get his life together frequently. Jaehee watches out for Yoosung's health and his gaming addiction. Yoosung brings up at one point that he sometimes sees Jaehee as an older sister looking out for him. In the Christmas special, Yoosung and Jaehee work together for the C&R fundraiser. Jaehee says she is proud of Yoosung for working so hard.


Yoosung is jealous of Jumin's good looks and money and will often tell the player to stay away from him. Other than that, Jumin and Yoosung are good friends, and at some point Jumin hired him as an intern. Jumin also give Yoosung the kitten, as seen in the After Ending, whom he named Lisa.

Yoosung's Mother

His mother who took as much care of him as she could and sent him to college. Ever since his mother became sick he promised to visit her more often.


Yoosung is shown to care greatly for her, despite her not being his own dog. Her death is the reason he became a veterinarian.


In his After Ending, it's shown her to have been adopted by him, however, in any other route they have no relation.

The spaceship reveals

Day 1

  • "I feel guilty about not getting the temperature right for my spaghetti yesterday :("
  • "I’m lonely. When will my girlfriend come to me?"

Common Route 01 - Casual Story

  • "I miss him… the boss monster."
  • "The professor… his hair… it’s a wig… just the bangs."
  • "Gonna make sure the planting’s perfect today! I wanna be a sensitive man."
  • "LOLOL L…..o….l…ol…."
  • "Chocolate milk is the tastiest milk of all!"
  • "I wish I could just start all over again in real life… Life is sometimes too cruel for me."

Common Route 02 - Deep Story

  • "I should give a bus ride to commemorate my spectacular fight!"
  • "S;ecret bossss monsterrere cgeeettt himmm"
  • "z…zz…so….sleep…y……"
  • "What in the world is the secret ingredient for the cafeteria’s kimchi fried rice? Such a mystery…"
  • "Bobby pins for my bangs should always go W/W this first and then WWWW this."
  • "Good deed of the day: wasn’t late for class!"

Zen's Route

  • "I want one, I want one, please just one.
  • "I heard your wishes come true if you blow on a dandelion!"
  • "I’ll make sure my girlfriend never gets her hands wet! Hmm, but how will she wash her face then?"
  • "Everyday was so fun when I was little. When did I grow up so much?"
  • "This beef stew only has onions :( Whyyyyy"
  • "I should go see Zen’s show after the party! I’ll ask Jaehee."
  • "I totally ruled over that round just now. I should have recorded it… ;_;"
  • "Oh… A friend just got dumped and wants to grab drinks."
  • "I like candy better than cigarettes. And what’s better than candy is LOLOL! LOLOL!"
  • "Our savior, defender of Justice, Red!...Huh…? This isn’t it…"
  • "Se…ven…. Sofa… Honey Buddha…chi…ps… Smell….zzz"
  • "I want to go see a romance movie with my girlfriend too ;_;"
  • "Should I tie my hair like Zen? Man bun?"

Jaehee's Route

  • "…I honestly think I’m handsome too."
  • "The bridge of love? Oh! A super fun event is opening today where I have to cross the LOLOL bridge!"
  • "Would I seem more mature if I drink three cups of coffee a day?"
  • "If someone suggest that I go pro playing LOLOL, I’ll pretend to consider it!"
  • " Romance like those in movies. That doesn’t sound too bad, does it?"
  • "Should I make bento boxes for the body guards"
  • "Ooh, some guy in a tv show is getting slapped with kimchi!! I wonder how that feels like."
  • "I know how to brew coffee too…"
  • "If I think about it, the professor’s just giving out quests. Then why do I hate assignments so much?"
  • "Next time I go home, I should bring gifts for mom and dad. I should call my sister."
  • "Should I make some snacks for fun?"
  • "Rika, I miss you."
  • "Rika, I’m sure you’re watching us from up there, right?"
  • "I am quite worried about Jumin and Jaehee."

Yoosung's Route

  • "The sky is so pretty today! I should take a photo and show it to her."
  • "I miss her more than usual today."
  • "Schedule check, textbooks check, face check, messenger check! Hehe!"
  • "I think spring is finally here in my heart!"
  • "Decalcomania! Just like a butterfly's wings!"
  • "I feel like my cloudy vision's been cleared."
  • "Should I make a bento box with rice shaped like Elizabeth 3rd? Alright, a challenge it is!"
  • "Ugh... my head. hurts... :("
  • "I can do it. I can do it. No, I must do it."
  • "I'm always ready to do whatever for you."
  • "I’m going to protect you in the real world, not in LOLOL."
  • "There is only one person I want to see right now."
  • "I don’t regret my choices."
  • "Smile for me the day we meet."

Jumin's Route

  • "It's so yummy to dip thin crusted pizza in honey! So delish!"
  • "When my rank drops in LOLOL, I feel angry at first, then sad..."
  • "Got an A on PE! Now I can tell people gaming doesn't affect my strength."
  • "God the champion skin is so expensive!!! But of course I'm buying it!! Gotta go purchase more coins..."
  • "Who made my sche...dule... this way....? Oh... me."
  • "I tried on a police uniform in a career convention before, and honestly I looked good. I should have taken a photo."
  • "I need to make kimbap for the picnic, but I don't have any of the ingredients!"
  • "Seven's hoodie seems kind of cool for some reason... Maybe I should ask for one."
  • "The king has donkey ears!!! God, so out of control...."
  • "One must be very careful when getting a pet... Very, very careful!!!"
  • "Elizabeth 3rd's tail is amazing... It expanded like a peacock when I got close to her!"
  • "I feel like I'll end up dying if Elizabeth runs away again."
  • "Elizabeth 3rd is so fluffy. Jumin must take really good care of her."
  • "Where did I put my bobby pin?!! Today's an important day!!"

707's Route

  • "I have to stretch my fingers before going to bed! So that I can play LOLOL as soon as I wake up tomorrow!"
  • "Maybe I should try folding origami cranes again. I don't want to be single! A thousand cranes will get me a girlfriend!"
  • "Does blood type really have nothing to do with personality? Even for compatibility?"
  • "I don't want just the results to belittle my efforts."
  • "You must show your sense of responsibility with actions not words."
  • "I heard you can only give no-sodium cottage cheese to dogs."
  • "If the RFA leader changes... would I feel better?"
  • "Anger doesn't help with battles in LOLOL. I must remain collected."
  • "LOLOL always gives me an answer if I solve the quest..."
  • "Men can cry when their sad. We can cry too ;_;"
  • "Everything seemed bright when I was little... I feel like the sky and ground are colliding."
  • "We should all talk to each other more. We have to be honest."
  • "Ugh.... God... My stomach... my guts... are spinning...."
  • "I am going to be a more reliable person!"

Another Story

  • "I hear someone uses the recordings of philosophy classes a s a lullaby... what a smart guy."
  • "I'll sincerely do all my assignments for classes starting... tomorrow!"
  • "When shall I dye my hair roots?"
  • "Ahem!! Ahem!! AAAAAAAAA!! Throat clearing..."
  • "When is the application for clubs due?"
  • "The hairpin sold on the streets just now... looked pretty good..."
  • "There's an assignment due till this week... which class was it?"
  • "Should I buy a new gaming keyboard..."
  • "I'll give up this semester and try better in the next. This cycle!!"
  • "Can I trust this self-diagnosis of depression?"
  • "Zen looks so cool on his bike... but I probably can never ride one TT."
  • "There's a workout schedule stuck on Zen's fridge."
  • "Still, better to be with Zen than being alone... OMG stop nagging!"
  • "I should let the world know about LOLOL."
  • ""
  • ""
  • ""
  • ""
  • ""
  • ""
  • "If I could rewind time... I think I thought about this like a few thousand times now..."
  • "What could I have done?"

Christmas Special 2016

  • "Jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way~"
  • "I guess I won't be participating in any LOLOL Christmas EXP event."
  • "My hands are cold... I want hot chocolate..."
  • "I hope the event shines bright enough for Rika to notice from up there."

April Fool's Special 2017

  • "I'm not going to eat anything someone else gives me today..."
  • "Last April Fool's, I saw some kids wearing their high school uniform to campus! I'm kind of sad I can't see any of those pranks since it's on the weekend this time."

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