• Zen is a smoker, but he wants to quit.
    • His favorite cigarettes are from "Black Angel" which may be a reference to the real cigarettes "Black Devil".
  • He has a fan club.
  • Zen's phone number is +82)10-9211-%#XZ
  • According to the RFA Orientation Guidebook:
    • His email is
    • His special talents include playing the piano, dancing and singing.
    • His most used app is the camera.
    • He likes ice cold beer fresh from the fridge and lamb kebab, and dislikes strange food such as snails and fois gras.
    • He desires a girlfriend or a chance to act on a bigger stage.
    • His favourite quote is: "You don't see love with your eyes, you see it with your heart."
    • He has been in a love triangle both with two girls that were best friends. In the end, he turned them both down.
    • His ideal type are go-getters.
    • For a first date, he would like to go to a theater show and surprise his date with a bouquet of flowers.
    • With women, he often looks at their hands to determine the type of job they do.
    • V considers Zen to be one of his muses and is frustrated that Zen looks even more handsome in photos than he does in real life.
  • Zen has psychic dreams which often come true.
  • Zen breaks the fourth wall twice:
    • When in a conversation with the MC he mentioned about having a weird dream in which they all were just computers, programmed to say certain things. [1]
    • In Jumin's route, day 8, the chat Jumin's Change (17:22/5:22 P.M.), if you and Seven tease him about the stuff he watches, he says "Whichever genre it is, it doesn't suit this game's rating."
  • He heals at an incredibly fast rate. It is noted by the RFA members that he has never caught a cold. [2]
  • He debuted as a musical actor at a small theater company when he was 15 (16 by Korean Age) and gained some publicity through the musical 'Tei's Tea Leaf' when he was 18 (19 by Korean Age). [3]
  • It has been 5 years since he last had a girlfriend. [4]
  • Zen's love of motorcycles may be a slight reference from a popular 1974 book titled "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance".
  • In a phone call, Zen reveals that he was unknowingly the cover model for the French magazine, "Vague." In the same call, he states a game company is creating an elf character based himself and uses his name. [5]
    • Vague is a parody of Vogue.
  • Zen's Route has 29 visual novels in total from Day 5-11 (excluding the party visual novel), some being interactive and others being non-interactive.
    • He has the most visual novels out of the Casual Story characters.
    • Zen has the most visual novels on Day 7 (9 in total).
    • Zen is the only Casual Story character to have interactive visual novels.
  • GD Entertainment is Zen's agency. [6]
  • Zen's Zorro poster is referred to as LOL (Legend of Legend) by all the hard core fans. [7]
  • He is always get pranked on his birthdays. [8][9]
  • In April Fool's DLC, his login id and password of the messenger are 'ZEN' and '1111' respectively. [10]
  • Jumin once gave Zen a hairball of Elizabeth the 3rd as a gift.[11]


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